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Technical guidance 2

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Mold parts brand - large work; election mold parts, select the major brand!

Guangdong Dagong in the industry has a good brand reputation and a wide range of customer groups; large years of rapid development for several years, and write a local brand struggle, beyond the wonderful chapter.

Guangdong Dazhong Robot Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, was formally established in November 11, 2011, the registered capital of 30 million yuan; Main precision mold parts manufacturing and sales.

The company is a national high-tech enterprises, with deep industry technology precipitation, mainly by senior industry practitioners to build; manufacturing products are mainly exported. After several years of development experience a number of high-quality personnel, with excellent quality and rapid delivery to win the customer's affirmation and trust. In the future we integrate a wealth of leading manufacturing experience, and strive to integrate their own high-quality resources for domestic enterprises to provide better quality and cost-effective products, more efficient product delivery; for customers to create more value for more Chinese enterprises development help.


Business scope:
First, stamping die parts (stamping die accessories);
Second, the plastic mold parts (plastic mold accessories);
Third, machining automation components and non-standard precision metal parts custom.


Marketing area:
At present, with hundreds of high-quality companies around the world in-depth business cooperation for thousands of enterprises around the world continue to provide quality products; with the global market and business sector continues to expand, Guangdong Dagong is promoting the formation of a more detailed Chinese marketing network , For more customers in China to provide quality products and zero distance service.


Production Overview:
Agglomeration industry outstanding practitioners, down to earth, with sweat, passion, wisdom and focus to promote enterprise development; continue to update precision manufacturing equipment, precision measurement tools. Precision, and accurately do every product.


Company outlook:
In the future, Guangdong Dagong will, as always, based on open sharing, responsibility, win-win spirit of the heritage, the steady progress of the pace of development of the company; committed to become high-quality enterprises in the industry, to create greater value for employees, to create more benefits for customers, Progress to make whatever contribution.

TypeInfo: Technical Parameters

Keywords for the information:

Support to map custom processing; to provide foreign brands of the same quality standard parts.
Selection of quality raw materials, ISO9001 quality control system; full inspection shipments.
More competitive prices and value for money products. Batch order to enjoy more discounts.
Some products shipped the same day; a large number of finished products, semi-finished goods inventory.
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