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Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice in 2017

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Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice in 2017


Dear Customer:
Thank you for your support and attention to our platform.

2017 Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, according to the national statutory holiday arrangements and our current situation, the current holiday schedule is as follows: May 28 to May 30, a total of 3 days. May 31 (Wednesday) all normal work.

During the holidays, the order shipment will be delayed in the original delivery days 3 days (ie, May 31 to return to normal delivery).

If you need to consult, you can call our national hotline: + 86-769-83077909-999.

sorry for the incovenience!

I wish you a happy holiday!

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Selection of quality raw materials, ISO9001 quality control system; full inspection shipments.
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