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The mystery of the western tour team.

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Ancient one has the most successful project team, that is, Journey to the West to learn from the team.

   Story background: In order to complete the West through the task, composed of learning team, members of the monk, Monkey King, Pig, sand monk, white horse. Which monk is the project manager, Sun Wukong is the core technology, pig and sand monks are ordinary members, white horse is the boss car. The senior leadership of this team is Guanyin. The composition of the team is very interesting:

1, monk as a project manager PM, there is a very tough character and very high principle, not up to the purpose of not give up, and very support and appreciation of the boss (directly get the appointment of Emperor Taizong, both to the robe, ; And received by Goddess of Mercy led by the various channels of immortal broad support and help).

2, sand monks are few words, hard working, bear the project to take this rough and boring work.

3, pig this member, looks lazy, greedy lust, and refused to work, up to pull the horse, as if to stay in the team is of no use, in fact, his existence is still very useful, because he is cheerful, able to accept Any criticism and no burden of pressure in the project team to assume the role of lubricants.

4, the most critical or Sun Wukong, because the Sun Wukong is the core of the team, but his character extremely extreme, recall his history of the sky, I am afraid that as ordinary people, no one will let people stay in the team in.

5, white horse is the monk office, travel with the car, the status of the symbol.

That being the case, this topic is very interesting, very classic, was originally a must "five people", called "perfect team", but to save costs Tang Taizong must be laid off a person.

Who is the cut?

1, Tang monk certainly can not cut, directly get Tang Taizong (president) of the appointment book, both to the robe, and give the gold bowl, no he can not complete the task of president - learn from. He is the most critical figure in the project team, the total helmsman.

2, Sun Wukong, mana high strength, technical proficiency, business experts (Daguai), can be described as technical research captain, encounter difficulties (monsters), all the way to exclude, escort, to ensure that the master of life safety, learn from the road smooth. Moreover, the two circles have a relationship between the door, the demon boss also have three points to let.

Although he has a temple of the criminal record, but in the Wuzhishan under the reflection and experience, people have improved their temper and temper. Entrepreneurship of the road, although many times by the master gas, and often angry, but finally returned to the master side, to ease the road. As the saying goes, "people are not saints, familiar".

   Want to become a big business, monk must have long-term perspective to see the problem, choose between a thought. Those who have the ability to be certain people, to see how the leadership to use him, strengths and weaknesses, to play the ultimate character. So, can not not Sun Wukong, light commander, no soldiers, leaving a few cooking logistics, war will be defeated.

3, Pig, he was originally a canopy Marshal, because of color, destroy the future. He can be a marshal, certainly his excitement, charm and communication skills, and his cheerful, full of vitality, especially to discuss women like to suffer the monkey of the Sun Wukong, often back to the black pot, to accept any criticism and no Bear the pressure, the mentality is particularly good, still happy to do their jobs.

   He assumed the role of lubricants in the project team. A team if there is no "pistachio", just a boring atmosphere, no vitality and joy, presumably the consequences will be very serious, will be crazy. Cheerful work in order to have good performance, so pig can not cut.

4, sand monk, he is equivalent to the enterprise auxiliary workers, porters, hard working, hard work, no technical content, high substitutability. In order to save business costs, the task can be assigned to other members of the team (Wukong, Journey. Monk in the absence of recruiting sand monks before these miscellaneous things, not Goku and eight quit.

   So, in order to save business costs, it is necessary to cut the sand monk. If the day the organization wants to recall him, I think, to sand monk's character, he will be very happy to come back. Regardless of long-term or short-term considerations, cut sand monk, are more reasonable approach.

5, white dragon horse, he is the monk's car, the identity of the status of the symbol, which business now high-level business trip, work, then do not open the car? Can not call him to travel on a bus or walk it. At the same time, the white horse on the monk is also greatly improve the efficiency of the indirect cost savings. So white horse is also indispensable.

   Comprehensive analysis of the above, the best choice can only be cut sand monk.

   Therefore, the light is hard to work hard, in order to be invincible in today's society, not easily eliminated, must have a skill, to enhance their core competitiveness, improve their skills, gold content, become irreplaceable One. Naturally laugh the last sure is you.

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