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Do business, can be slow to fast!

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These years have seen a lot of people into a crisis or dead, found that such enterprises usually have one thing in common is to expand too fast or excessive diversity, and then by usury, and then died. Most people like to ask for more, this psychological is easy to promote the enterprise to embark on a rapid development of the road, but found not only did not go fast, but to bring themselves into the crisis. From a business point of view, sometimes slow is fast, like the folk has been circulating "walking is not afraid of slow, afraid of the station", as long as has been walking, slow is fast

    Slow is the law of growth

    The community is full of impetuous utilitarian atmosphere, too many people to pursue short and fast, anxious to the results, no longer down, which is now a significant feature of society, including the current stock market, the Internet, almost all of the information are highlighting the night Rich, fast fame of the temptation. This temptation is like a poison devouring people's will, we are unaware. Any product or thing, have their own growth laws, there is a growth process, like a life from birth to birth need to go through ten months time, this is the law must follow, too hasty will be a problem. As a boss, must also go through a growing process, no one who is a mature boss, he must go through the theory, experience, practice of continuous collision, thinking, can slowly mature up. When the behavior of the things consistent with the law of growth, will receive the expected results.

    Fast behind the slow precipitation

    Many people envy the rapid success of millet, because we see the millet with three or four years to do this appearance, but ignored the Lei Jun Jinshan company in the precipitation of more than 20 years of fact. It is precisely because of Lei Jun more than 20 years of heavy accumulation and accurate understanding of the business, only millet today's rapid development.

    Germany's industrial spirit and Japan's lean production make us admire, very important reason is that they can be based on the scene, step by step improvement, slow down, quiet down. Bit by bit continuous improvement, the achievements of their unparalleled quality and precise management, but also brought their continued rapid development. They did not stir the Internet, GDP did not exceed us, but we want to go abroad to people to buy a toilet cover, buy a tool, which shows that our product quality is not good people. It is said that in Japan to buy the toilet lid is exported to China, which shows the problem, the Chinese manufacturing is not impossible, but not to do, because the overall environment impetuous, utilitarian, do a quality product is a kung fu job.

    The most valuable thing

    People are full of fantasy in the young, always like the myth of the night riches. With age will understand that a lot of things to slowly, to experience the process of ups and downs, can really enlightenment. But now the Internet information and technology explosion to the public to pass the resources can be integrated, the information can be grafted, no one can rush overnight. Public opinion to people's utilitarian heart seduce, to guide you to this direction to work hard, driven by utilitarian, too many people into the impetuous trap.

    Always dream of integration of others, but do not know if you do not have value, others are not willing to integrate you; if you have value, even if others are integrated, the initiative must still in your hands.

    Things are rare, the most scarce is the most valuable. When a society is utilitarian, short-sighted, temptation full of time, to calm down, slow down the pace of hurry, look at themselves, find their own characteristics and advantages, focus on their own points, to pursue quality, so that they become Value, it is particularly valuable.

    Whether it is life or business enterprises, there is such a value orientation, in order to make their own long foothold. Germany, the vast majority of small and medium enterprises have a strong and lasting vitality, because they can hold their own points, for the quality and health. Internet economy swept, the Germans can not be tempted to interfere with the outside world, know their own points are manufacturing, but also know that human beings have entered the information age, they put the information into their own original advantage, put forward their own " Industrial 4.0 "planning. So focus on the inner quiet, small and slow, small and special, small and beautiful, small and deep, small and quiet business, is what we really should pursue, but also the most valuable.

    Slow is not a shortcut

    Most of the people who fall into the impetuous trap are due to their own psychological problems, that life can take shortcuts, but there is no shortcut in this world, the best shortcut is not a shortcut. Zhang mouth shut up the Internet, the new three board, and not really understand, although the Internet looks very lively, the new three board is also Fengshengshuiqi look, but really understand that the Internet is not much, do not make money by the Internet Many, but rather those who do things down, really their own business done.

    China has an old saying called "inside the holy king", that is white you are doing their own, the good is better. If your product has a significant exclusion and scarcity, then you do not have to worry about their own do not understand the Internet, the Internet will take the initiative to find you. The essence of the Internet is to explore excellent resources, not to waste resources, so many people are doing things to explore resources, but this excavation is risky, the less practical people, the greater the risk, and do practical things The greater the risk of people, why can not sink into the heart to become excellent resources to others to explore it?

    Slow is a state of mind

    Slow is a state of mind, not in life, the work of the slow do not worry, do not do things, but with this mentality to experience the growth process. In reality, too many people lack this mentality, especially now young people, prefer to be anxious, a very young age will have a car, so pay more attention to immediate interests. They forget, when the young is not to enjoy these results, this stage is mainly used to experience life, experience the hardships, so that their growth, with these experiences and experience of the accumulation, when the time will naturally get what should be The

    Let life slow down, is to enjoy the process, so that the process more exciting. So that enterprises slow down, is to constantly improve, not impatient kidnapping, so that enterprises accumulate long-term vitality of the quality, go faster, farther, longer. In the past we often say "do not want to see the scenery forget the hurry", want to come this sentence is regrettable, there should be one, that is, "do not want to forget to see the scenery."

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