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Brand Introduction


In 2006, when the 22-year-old Mr. Zhang Gangqiang to create a prototype of the big workers brand (Dongguan City, Dalang Daomo precision mold shop); by virtue of the efforts of hard work and hard to open the market quickly. Dazhao always uphold the enthusiasm for customers to quickly and accurately provide each of the high-quality mold parts business philosophy, to win more and more customers highly appreciated with a good reputation of the industry. But also in the process of running a long-term in the order of a serious state of the order, the manufacturing sector a lot of time to work late to 11:00 or late at night, and even some staff overnight cargo, after the completion of timely delivery to the airport the first time to meet customer time Sexual needs.  


Time to enter the November 11, 2011, Dongguan City, a large industrial precision molds shop changed its name: Dongguan City Dagong Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.; the same year officially opened the prelude to exports, benefit from the strong market competitiveness of foreign workers, foreign customers after another, to promote Big work to a new level; May 13, 2015 again renamed: Guangdong Dagong Robot Co., Ltd..  


May 25, 2013 received the best-selling US brand mobile phone headquarters official orders in the process of cooperation by the US headquarters of praise and affirmation. The good reputation of the workers in Europe and North America in some countries quickly spread, more customers come here to seek cooperation. In order to solve this bottleneck, the great work of a large number of customers one by one in-depth communication, to explore, in order to solve the current urgent problems, during the discovery of more customers use the drawings But also for the large workers are to map processing, often caused by the internal links are extremely blocked; Mr. Zhang Gangqiang times the situation, the force of the public, decided to invest a lot of money, manpower, material, card customers often use The specifications compiled mold parts professional books, in order to allow customers to have a better experience (selection convenient, stable quality, fast delivery).  


Through the efforts of large workers finally in December 10, 2015 officially launched the first edition of the stamping die parts directory; once launched the market was warmly sought after, quickly formed a strong mold parts industry brand.  


2017 Dazhuo homeopathic launch of the second edition of stamping die parts directory, the first edition of plastic mold parts directory.

Support to map custom processing; to provide foreign brands of the same quality standard parts.
Selection of quality raw materials, ISO9001 quality control system; full inspection shipments.
More competitive prices and value for money products. Batch order to enjoy more discounts.
Some products shipped the same day; a large number of finished products, semi-finished goods inventory.
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